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The Most Accurate Metabolic System in the World


The worlds best metabolic analysers for the last 40 years.


Independently verified to be the most accurate, fastest, most reliable and longest lifespan analysers in the world.


That is quite a claim but researchers prove these statements every day taking precise oxygen measurements from plants in photosynthesis, high speed acute CO2 measurements in stroke patients and highly accurate VO2 measurements in elite athletes in the highest rated facilities in the world. Researchers at the top of their game look for AEI technologies sensors for their solutions because they understand that the components that make up our sensors are unmatched. Unlike other metabolic sensor suppliers, we make our sensors ourselves and for this reason no other manufacturers can match our quality, accuracy, sensitivity or stability.  



AEI Metabolic systems




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Moxus Metabolic System

Max II/IIa Metabolic System

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