VIDEOS – TMG workshop – Leeds, UK. (01 June 2017)

Leeds(UK) TMG Workshop 01 June 2017

Presentation Videos


Out of the laboratory and on to the podium…
Success with Scottish Swimmers and others

  • Summary of useful indices
  • Non-invasive Fibre typing (workload classification, muscle profiling, targeting interventions)
  • Assess lateral and functional symmetry (injury risk, function, balance, skill)
  • Assesment of fatigue


  • directing a strength and conditioning programme with TMG
  • comparing individuals within a sport (squad breakdown, injury management)
  • reliability of TMG improves in an exercised state (coefficient of variation with athletes)
  • Muscle changes throughout the course of the day…scheduling the right training at the right time


  • pre-race, post-race, post warm-down data
  • normal ranges of measurement
  • different muscle profiles, different skills, training vs competition
  • How to contextualise the TMG information (how to understand the asymmetry and reduce it) 
  • TMG strengths versus counter movement jump.


TMG in Football. Injury and return to play.


Contractile Properties in Rugby players


TMG in Surfing


How does TMG work?


TMG: muscle mass loss with age


TMG:  Factors affecting measurement reliability.