AEI – Metabolic Cart

MOXUS Metabolic Cart

Using Legendary CD-3A & S-3A Gas Analyzers

The Standard for Respiratory Gas Measurement for over 45 years


metabolic cart 1Ideal For: Research, Teaching and Clinical Studies

Unsurpassed Accuracy / Fastest Response Time
Unwavering Stability means Data you can depend on

Human Performance Testing:

VO2 Max / Sub-Max Testing for Elite Athletes, Obese Adults, Small Children, Geriatric, & Rehab Every Breath Recorded Accurately & Unerringly

Resting Energy Testing:

Canopy Systems Flow variable for every Test Subject: Small Children to Super Obese Adults ensuring correct REE / RMR

Easy to use Software:

Quickly guides you through set up and calibration

Cardiac Output Option:

CO2 Re-breathing using the Fick method

Animal Respirometry Option:

Single or Multi-Channel for Mice, Rats & other lab animals

metabolic cart 3metabolic cart 2

Features Exclusive to AEI MOXUS


Unique Cardio Output Option: 

Carbon Dioxide Re-breathing using the Fick Method

4.2 Liter Active Mixing Chamber:

Insuring precise breath measurements

New T/P/H Monitor

Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Monitoring


Duel Stage Nafion Tube drying system:

Eliminating water vapor errors

Inhalation Side Flow Sensor:

Not contaminated by testing

Easy connect to Douglas Bag Systems

For validation and analysis

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