IRES Virtual Reality Treadmill


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Integrated Research Environment System (IRES)

The IRES system provides researchers and clinicians with tools that simplify the acquisition
and analysis of human motion in complex environments that are not readily duplicated in real life.
The IRES environment can be modified and controlled using bi-directional communication with
Unity3D virtual immersive worlds and Bertec’s instrumented treadmill with pitch and roll motion
base. While the live environment is presented, the system records the subject’s kinematic and
physiological responses to that environment. The research-grade data produced by these tools
permit the researcher to evaluate the effectiveness of motor learning and rehabilitative protocols.


The IRES system allows you to:

  • Utilise a research-grade, real-time motion capture system where you have control of your data.
  • Expand the type of studies you can build. The ability to access user-defined data from any data stream
           in real-time, and to use these variables to control other data sources (treadmill, virtual reality, etc).
  • Unify your research initiatives. The MotionMonitor platform used in the IRES system, supports
           a wide variety of hardware and applications.
  • The system can be expanded over time. 


Tailor the setup for your needs:



Fully immersive dome with
Virtual Reality.


The Treadmill Trainer


Super fast 3D calibrated setup
using clusters.(2 min).


Targets based on a single variable…


Multi-variable 3D targets on a
projection screen…