AEI Metabolic System

Metabolic System is the latest in sports technology.
Precision Performance in Exercise & Resting Metabolic Testing.
Accurate, reliable data every time.
Modular system excellent for teaching.The most stable and repeatable respirometry components:
S-3A/I Oxygen Analyzer; ± 0.01% Accuracy
CD-3A Carbon Dioxide Analyzer; ± 0.02% Accuracy
Breath Volume Measurement System; < 1% Accuracy Typical Breath-by-breath measurements using ultra-fast 100-millisecond response time analyzers.
4.2 Liter Active Mixing Chamber for accuracy.
Dual-Stage Nafion Dryer for near-ideal water vapor removal.
2 Channels of user-defined analog inputs.
Allows easy use with Douglas Bags for system validation and analysis.
Canopy System Option available for Resting Energy Testing.
Windows® software featuring useful features for data collection, report generation,and much more.
Export to Excel for further analysis of data. Very rugged, heavy-duty cart includes a supplies drawer and an articulating arm.
Worldwide reputation for excellence in quality and service.
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