Optojump Testimonials

The Physical Education and Sport Sciences department at the University of Limerick purchased 8 metres of Optojump in November 2009. For over two years now we have extensively used the system in all aspects of academic activity and are delighted with its functionality. Two factors dominated our decision to purchase, following demonstrations by Danny at RedbackBiotek:
1. A teaching tool for Sport and Exercise science undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop essential field-based athlete performance assessment skills.
2. A valid, reliable, accurate and portable research tool for projects that need to be conducted away from the research laboratory.
Using 1 cm units we have validated Optojump against our 12 camera 400 Hz 3D kinematic Motion Analysis System with excellent results. Using Optojump in a novel vertically-mounted grid setup we were able to track the flight of tennis balls through the grid projected from a standard ball launch system. Horizontal and vertical coordinates of the ball passing though the grid at 50 mph had limits of agreement of 3.5 cm for Optojump and 3D Motion Analysis.
Norris, M., Breen, S., Anderson, R. and Kenny I.C. (2012) The development of a new protocol to assess performance measure in sports, Accepted for presentation at the 2012 International Society of Biomechanics in Sports Conference, 2nd – 6th July, Melbourne, Australia.
……… “The OptojumpTM protocol is a valid measure for calculating performance measures as compared to the gold standard MAC……. This indicates that the Optojump™ is a valid and relatively low cost method for biomechanists to measure performance without access to 3D motion analysis or field-based analysis. The large and moderate relationships indicate good validity against the gold standard…” Our Optojump kit (two base units plus 6 additional metres) has been in constant use for over two years for teaching, lab research and field-based athlete testing. We have encountered no technical issues and we consider it a key piece of sport technology equipment.
Dr Ian Kenny PhD
Course Director- MSc Sports Performance
Biomechanics Research Unit
Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences
University of Limerick
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