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At Redback Biotek we dedicate and pride ourselves on a strong track-record of delivering innovative solutions for our clients in the field of human performance and medicine. Our highly-skilled multi-disciplinary professional team have a wide experience base as scientists, clinicians, engineers, technologists, coaches, and athletes. This, along with a passion for performance, ensures that Redback Biotek continue to deliver to world-class standards. Whether through our best-in-class product range or acting in a consultancy capacity to surgeons, clinicians, scientists, coaches, athletes or professional organisations we have developed a widely-acknowledged aptitude for delivering results that directly influence and impact human performance and rehabilitation.

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Our focus on delivering innovative performance solutions has resulted in our Redback 3D System. Our Redback 3D system offers a unique, accurate, validated, repeatable and objective high precision three dimensional technology for measuring the quality of human movement. Until now those in the performance and rehabilitation fields have struggled to gain insights into the quantitative aspects of the integrated movement patterns of their athletes/ patients with a view to identifying injury risk and also to improving performance. Redback 3D, utilising markerless motion-capture technology, now affords clinicians and coaches a method by which they can quickly and easily get accurate metrics into the movement abilities of their patients and athletes. Our exclusive movement assessment protocol, 3MA, offers easy-to-understand reporting that allows for instant interventions in the performance or rehabilitation setting that can then be easily evaluated with consecutive 3MA screening.



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Dr Liam Hennessy | CEO Setanta College

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