Myon minature 3D Motion sensing with EMG



Myon offers wireless, small, lightweight sensors
which can quickly and easily be applied and used.



Myon systems are suitable for a large number of professional applications.
Some of the key applications are:

•    Clinical: gait analysis and patient rehabilitation
•    Ergonomics: workplace and product design
•    Real time: patient bio feedback analysis and industrial virtual reality
•    Research: kinesiology and neuromuscular disorders
•    Sports science: training monitoring and optimisation analysis

An Athletic young women running down a dirt road.



Through fixed, low latency sensors, measure in real time and synchronise with other systems.
Not just EMG – we also offer accelerometers, goniometers and foot switches.
Powerful software is also available – do your recording and analysis in just a few mouse
clicks Sensors and electrodes can be attached while maintaining patient comfort. Data capture
and charging is simple through the use of remotes and inductive charging.



Waterproof sensors used for swimming

Fit swimmer training by himself in the swimming pool at the leisure centre

EMG made easy with….



The aktos system has the most compact, light weight EMG transmitter
in the world at 7.9 grams. The weight being equivalent to a small coin means
less interference and discomfort. High specifications in an incredibly small
package. Sensors include a Tri-axis accelerometer, 10 hours of battery life,
inductive charging and the sensor can be waterproofed.


Myon 3D Motion Sensor Brochure

Myon 3D+EMG Brochure


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